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Al KAFFARY Group is the largest company in selling wholesale and retail carpet in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf.

This item represents a main section of the group; the management has provided all the potential for this section in terms of exclusive agencies for the big manufacturers of carpets in the world, starting from Turkey, Belgium and access to China, India, . These manufacturers were added to Al Abdullatif Industrial Group in KSA.

And our products vary in terms of raw materials, and divided into classic and new models, modern; to fit in with the development of houses and furniture designs, and the consumers taste changes, in order to maintain our position at the forefront of our competitors.

We differ in the manufacture of carpets, mosques rug, Mokeet, with exclusive designs and variety of components, raw materials and a unique characteristic, in order to satisfy our customers and achieve their desires.

Also, we are proud in our yearly commitment by furnishing the holy sites in MINA and ARAFAT, by tens of thousands meters from our goods and products.

All this and more, gives us encouragement to move forward, and seek to create new models, to push the client for a permanent modernization.


Al Kaffary Furniture Company, one of the leading companies in the world of furniture in KSA.

The company adopted since its inception not to spare any effort in providing the highest quality standards, combined with the largest exclusive models.

From here; the main goal came to secure the requirements of our customers in furnishing their homes by the finest brands in the furniture world.

When you visit our showrooms, you will find a wide range of options that combines luxury and comfort, exclusive designs, with affordable prices.

Finally, we are glad to put our extensive experience in the hands of our customers through consulting provided by our engineers in the field of decoration, interior design, and furnishing.

Laminate Flooring

Al Kaffary for parquet, a big name in the laminate flooring.

As we can, and in a short time, to win the trust of our customers, and to be one of the prominent names in the world of parquet in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our company has worked to provide more than 200 parquet design form Belgian, German, and Chinese industries; with suitable prices to all the customers.

Also, you can benefit from the after sales services offered by our company, and from the high expertise of our technical and support team.

Third, you can find our branches across the most cities of the Kingdom; in addition to our parquet specialized branches in Riyadh – Takasose Street, and in Buraidah – Aswaq al Ghad.

And currently, we are planning to open more specialized parquet branches in all the regions of the Kingdom, coz of our believe to provide and delivery our goods to all customers in our beloved Kingdom.

Al this, in order to satisfy the desires of our customers, and to ensure that our products are found in every home and company.


Wallpaper is unmatched in the aesthetic value that it brings to a room. It adds warmth, character, and beauty, and can be used to create an astonishing variety of effects. It changes the entire look and feel of a room. Some effects that you can get with wallpaper include textures.At Alkaffary group we import brands from Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and other parts of the world that brings modern, contemporary and romantic collections into the market with ranges of wall coverings and co-ordinating fabrics, both stylish and innovative in their use of design. Cutting edge techniques such as metallic foil prints, Flock and surface glass pearl effects create dramatic for you home and offices.


Vinyl, it’s a flooring type; it’s required for many uses because of it importance and the benefits that it offers.

The hospitals required vinyl, because it absorbs and discharge the electric charges inside the patient rooms, which help in maintaining their health.

Also, a lot of families ask for vinyl, because it prevents from slipping, and reduces accident inside home.

And we see that it’s used in the stadiums, gyms, and sports halls; because it’s not scratched, and bear the pressure and the hyperactivity.

The most important quality of vinyl that is not affected by water and sunlight, easy to install, easy to maintain, and anti-insects.

It’s available in our showrooms in several designs, such as parquet design, ceramics, and tile designs.

Belgian industry, with warranty on bad manufacturing and poor installation.

It prices is affordable for everyone.


To upgrade the services that we offer to you, it’s necessary to add aesthetic touches on your goods.

So we offer to you our wide range of complementary accessories for the furniture, with a unique design, and luxury beauty.

This wide range includes paint oils, chandeliers, vases, etc…


Al Kaffary has become a leading name in the world of carpets, rugs, and mokeet; as a result of 40 years’ experience in this domain.

Our company sells and promotes carpet, rug, with high quality from the best Turkish and Saudi (Al Abdullatif Industrial Group) industries, under an exclusive partnership with these factories.

This is coz of the taste of experts in our company, in order to provide the best products to meet customer’s desires, and the needs of the Saudi rugs market, in various designs and colors.

We differ from others in our products quality, affordable prices, the speed of delivery and installation, after sales services, and our ability to manufacture your special orders.

Come to visit our branches in the most cities of the Kingdom.